Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India

Volunteering Terms

You can opt short or long term (duration) according to your choice and time schedule.

Short Term

NGO Volunteers supports short-term and mid-term volunteering opportunities for individuals/groups/couples who are interested in serving with community organization for a period of one week to three months.
Based on your interests, experiences and skills, our team will place you on the project in which you can devote more efficiently.
If you are an individual or a couple and interested in group volunteering, our team will arrange you to be placed with a group. Working with a group you can interact with other international volunteers while learning Indian culture as well.

Long Term/Gap Year

Long Term or Gap Year volunteering programmes are for those who are looking to serve in India for an prolonged period of time. Our experienced team caters to your preferences and place you in accordance with your requirements. In long term volunteering projects, you can chose a period from 3 months to 12 months.
As a Gap Year (12 months long) volunteer, you can travel, explore, and enrich yourself in culture, life and tradition of India.