Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India

Type of Volunteering

There are people across the world, who are willing to serve fellow humans by putting in their time and efforts and making a difference in their lives. People those who have a passion for travelling, a heartfelt desire to serve the community, a hope to learn new cultures and meet new people opt for volunteering in India.
Out team at NGO Volunteers is committed to fill in the gap between organizations and people of all ages and skill set who are willing to volunteer.
Whether you are motivated by philanthropic values or seeking to help unprivileged or may be you want to give back to society that has given you so much, what-ever the reason is, volunteering certainly changes your universe. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said: For one’s liberation, one should serve the society.
No matter you are an individual professional or a student or a couple or a group, you are welcomed here wholeheartedly.
We invite following categories for our volunteer works across India.

Doesn’t matter you are alone, yes, you can make a difference. Travel here, serve here, learn here, explore India and its people like never before and see how positively life changes around you.
We welcome any individual of any age group and any skill set, who is willing to volunteer in safest and affordable programmes that we have to offer you.

We do place volunteering couples on the programmes and projects that suits them the most. Our programmes are safe, affordable and provides you with an enriching experience and value addition for life.

You and your colleagues can work hand in hand with NGOs and other community organizations to change the scenario. Group volunteering can be particularly enjoyable for student groups from college or high-schools or interns or families/friends travelling together.
We can make and design specific and customized programmes for you that suits and fits with your needs.

Professionals from any field are welcomed here to contribute their skill set to the society. You can chose any project of any time duration with flexible dates.


Online Volunteering
Our online volunteering services eradicates physical and geographical barriers of distances, as volunteers from across the world can help the organizations via internet. For working with us, all you need is a computer and an uninterrupted access to internet. Our team gives you an assignment that matches your skill set. Assignments can range from online research to writing maintaining blogs or journals for organizations. You can also help by providing assistance to the staff and workers.

Works that require special skills can also be outsourced to you like writing proposals or designing operational plans or ameliorating strategies and beyond.
For this type of volunteering, you can contact our support team via email or phone.