Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India


1. Who is a volunteer?
A volunteer can be any individual who works and serve the humanity by placing his/her efforts for the benefit of fellow beings without expecting a material reward.

2. How do I qualify for a volunteer programme ?
To work for any volunteer programme you need to have a heartfelt desire to help and serve with a keen curiosity to learn and explore.
There is no particular educational qualification or work experience is required to work as a volunteer. But you should be healthy enough and suffering from no communicable disease to serve with us.

3. What kind of volunteer opportunities are available ?
As a volunteer you can chose from a plethora of work opportunities available ranging from child-education, health-care; women empowerment, awareness generation to natural resource development/management. You can select the project and location in accordance to your preferences and tastes.

4. What is the duration of the volunteer program ?
Duration of any volunteer programme completely depends upon your availability for the period. Generally the time period ranges from two weeks to four weeks. It can be extended on request and on payment of requisite fee.

5. How do I sign-up?
To sign up, please visit our ‘How to Apply’ page.

6. How far should I book in advance?
You should make and finish all application and payment procedure at least before 20-30 days before the date of your departure.

7. Is there an orientation programme?
Yes there is an orientation programme, our programme coordinator will assist you in that. The length of orientation programme will depend upon your project.

8. Do I need a passport and visa?
Yes, that is mandatory requirement to come down to any foreign land. You need to carry a valid passport and visa with you, while your stay in India.

9. Is ground transportation included in my program fee?
Yes, all public transportation and economy class travels are included in the cost of programme. In case of far of project destinations, you need to pay for your air travel. And if you request business class travel, you need to pay the extra cost equivalent to the cost of your requirement.

10. Can I bring a friend, spouse, or my children?
Yes, you can travel with your friend, spouse or children. Persons travelling with you will also have to complete application procedures and make due payments for the project.

11. Do I have to be a citizen of any specific region to participate?
No, you can be any citizen from any country, who is willing to put in his/her efforts for serving humanity can participate.

12. I cannot speak English and do not speak local language. Can I become a volunteer ?
Certainly. Language is never a barrier for those who wish to volunteer, as there will be a coordinator who will help you learn basic Hindi and will tell you about customs and traditions of local people in your orientation programme.
Speaking Hindi or any vernacular is not a requirement, however you should be acquainted with basic English so as to communicate with your team and other volunteers.

13. Is there any volunteer program during the festival season ?
Volunteer Programmes are available year round. Go through our Current Openings and Opportunities page to check your dates with the ones available. And if there are some other specific requirements you can write us at NGOVolunteers@gmail.com

14. What are the living arrangements at the time of volunteering ?
Living arrangement provided will be very comfortable and clean equipped with basic facilities and security. At times you may have to share your room with another volunteer and at times the accommodation is provided by the organization you work with.
The accommodation at rural locations will be at some local family or host organization, depending upon the availability. At urban locations generally you will stay at hostels, hotels or home-stays.

15. What if I have an emergency or I get sick while volunteering?
Our team at NGO Volunteers takes every measure to make your volunteer project safe and without hurdles. Our management will be in continuous contact with you via internet and/or phone as long as you are in project. Also the team you’ll work along and the local people will help you during crisis apart from contacting our coordinator.

16. Will I have Internet and phone access?
Definitely, Internet and telephony is widely available from private service providers. Almost all our programme locations have network coverages with a very few exceptions. Internet services are available subjected to the availability of network in remote areas, but mostly available at the nearby towns or the place where you will stay.
Note: volunteers are responsible for their Internet and Telephone usage.

17. Can I do sightseeing outside of the programme?
Yes, you are allowed for sightseeing outside programme hours at your own expenses and risk. Our team can provide you assistance on request.

18. Do I need any immunizations?
There are no specifications about immunizations required, but we appeal to our volunteers to consult doctor before travelling to stay healthy on the trip.

19. Can I volunteer with a group?
Yes. Our well experienced team at NGO Volunteers supports all kind of travellers, be them individuals or couples or group.
If you are and individual or a couple, we can place you in a group in accordance with your requirements on demand.