Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India


What Volunteers experience there

As a volunteer and traveller, apart from exploring and serving, you will taste the real India that is still alive in its villages, simple yet happy people, its age old customs and traditions.
To start your exploration, one of our coordinators will receive you at Delhi/Mumbai International Airport (depends upon the location you chose to volunteer). He/She will sum up the details of your stay and will give you a brief project orientation.
Once you are done with this process, we will transport you to the project location and our coordinator who is accompanying you will get you in touch with our partnering organization.
There you will be provided lodging and daily meals. Any personal expenses like purchasing mineral water or books or chocolates or anything are not included in our services.
According to your programme details and project requirements, you will work with the team and/or alone for five days a week. Rest two days a week you can spend exploring the project area or touring the nearby places, for this our coordinator will join you on request. How to spend these days is completely on your choice and discretion.
Volunteers will be provided transportation from the place of your stay to project location everyday. During the days of your stay, you will be taken to cultural excursions and visits to other famous places around the area.
After the completion of your project, you will be transported to Delhi/Mumbai where our coordinator will join you again to assist your travel back.
During your stay, volunteers will experience meeting new people, their culture, language, traditions while tasting their foods and way of living. You can experience and explore the real India, working with us.