Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India

Sponsor a Child

There are some goals that are higher than material achievements and material self. One of them is lending a helping hand to those in need. The sense of immense mental gratification is so subtle that keeps you happy for a life-time. You can sponsor a child, who is deprived by life itself due to the lack of resources and opportunities. Your gift of life for that child will completely change his/her life, this will provide a chance to study, proper health-care and above all a chance to live and change the scenario.

We will keep you updated with the child’s progress and send you pictures and proofs annually.
Join hands with us to restore childhood to deprived children.

Support a Child’s Education by donating US$ 30 a month.
Support a Child’s Health/Nutrition and Education by donating US$ 40 a month.

You can make donations via Paypal, or credit cards or bank transfers.