Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India


Women is the most vulnerable segment of in Indian impoverished segments. You can help them by working hand-in-hand in local communities and our partnering NGOs to improve their lives. You can work in areas such as empowerment, awareness, education and health-care for deprived women and give them tools to lead a better life.

In many societies around India, women never belong wholly to themselves; they are the property of men or their families throughout their lives. Their physical well-being, their decisions, bodily integrity is generally not in their control. Here having a large number of children is a status symbol fol both men and women. Frequent labor and pregnancy is more deadly and child mortality is higher too.
Hence a focus on immense scope that exists in Women Empowerment breeds a class of women who are self sufficient and strong. It is apparent that investing time and effort for Women has an unusually high rate of return that benefits society as a whole. We try to work for women empowerment by educating them, developing leadership and other qualities in them, creating self help groups, reducing trafficking, micro-financing and beyond. With tremendous opportunity in this arena, you as a volunteer can make significant impact and a lasting change by helping women and making them strong.

One of the major reasons responsible for the vulnerability of women is lack of proper knowledge and awareness among them. They suffer from society, they suffer from their men, their family and many others. You can lead to their empowerment by making them aware about issues concerning them.

Most of the women are indefensible mainly because of lack of education. As a volunteer, you can incorporate strength in them by teaching them formally and informally. You can educate and empower women who are homeless and create a healthy lifestyle to regain home for themselves and their children. Working for them, you can make them stronger.

According to United Nations Millennium Campaign, Women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours and they are generally unpaid labours. It is clear that working women are much more stronger than those who are dependent. As a volunteer you can device and plan sustainable and feasible livelihood programmes for women. You can also motivate them to work for themselves and have a societal stand for a better life.

Women makes almost half of the world’s population, but in a country where male dominance is practised in society, women suffer a lot. Due to lack of respect and resources they are not treated equal and denied of proper health-care in the country. As a volunteer, you can work for to provide basic health-care to women and generate awareness in masses.
According to a report by Save The Children (a worldwide NGO), India ranked first among the twelve other countries that account for two-thirds of maternal deaths in world. Generally the health of women in India is linked with their status in society, and you can be a source of change by working for those in need. Women in India are viewed as economic burden and hence not treated properly, and as a Volunteer, you can help change this thought and also work for health and awareness.