Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India


Children are the future of any nation and that implies for India too. India stands second in the list of most populated nations with more than 17% of world’s total population. Over population is one of the biggest challenges that India faces today. The Government struggles to provide education, nutrition and proper health-care to children from impoverished backgrounds, but not as successful. Children suffer from neglect, poverty, abuse and are vulnerable; they need love, care, compassion and more than that food, education and shelter.
As a volunteer if you make difference in even one of the children in need, you have lived your life. You can contribute your efforts in following issues concerning children.

Education is a device that can transcend and alleviate the life of a society. Working as? a volunteer in Child-education is one of the most revered thing to do. You can teach and simultaneously learn new things in the following avenues.
There are several government schools in many isolated regions of India, where number of teachers is not sufficient. You can aid them by providing your services in teaching or documentation or sponsoring a poor child’s education or clothes of anything. Alongside the local staff, you can teach children English and other subjects, provide care and also rum awareness campaigns.
There is a huge population of children in India who still don’t go to school because of lack of resources and they work as child labourers to support themselves and their families. As a volunteer, you can also put in your efforts for the following.
Teaching in Orphanage
You can teach and do recreational activities in Orphanages and provide love and care to those children who have lost their parents and have no-body to look after.
Teaching Slum/Street Children
You can also have an opportunity to work with street and slum children in day care centres and schools specially set-up for them. Apart from teaching them you can create awareness campaigns to disseminate information among local communities to motivate them for education and other social issues.
If you are a caring and self motivated person with a keen interest to work for educating children, you are more than welcomed to contact us any-time.

With a huge population and high poverty levels, children are also deprived of proper medical care. As a volunteer, you can work in this area by providing basic health-care, keeping up records and running awareness campaigns. The major issues to work with are as follows.
According to a report by UNICEF, one in every three malnourished children in the world is from India. It is because of poverty, neglect and absence of adequate facilities and knowledge. As a volunteer, you can check the diets and advice for commonly available nutritional food. Nutrition plays a very important role in growth and development of a child and you can contribute to make the process better.
Sanitation in India is poor and inadequate despite governmental efforts. There are many community organisations and NGOs that work for improving sanitation and safe drinking water availability. As a volunteer, you can ensure sanitation facilities in rural and other working areas. You can also contribute with NGOs for eradicating the practise of open defecation.
To eliminate the risk of some diseases, children are vaccinated at a very early age, but due to lack of awareness and facilities, there are many children who remain without this. As a volunteer, you can help and nurse infants by helping in vaccinations and providing proper information about the same.
The reason to half of the problems with children is lack of awareness and knowledge about health and education. As a volunteer, you can work as an information centre and let the masses know about the importance of education. Also you can work for HIV/AIDS, STDs, polio and other commonplace diseases.
By running and participating in these awareness campaigns you can work towards eliminating risk of life and enhancing its quality.

Sponsor a Child
Apart from helping and serving children in various ways, you can also sponsor a child, his education and other requirements. When you sponsor a child, you get a feeling unmatched, he/she will treasure the thought that you cared, when no-one did. Its more about metal gratification, the child will pray for you or write to you.
Also if you can not physically come down to help serve children, this is what you can do to get connected to grass-root societal uplifting.