Volunteering Opportunities and Services in India


Currently we have Volunteering opportunities in India in the following locations and areas.

Volunteering in Delhi
Delhi is rightly the capital of multicultural India as many ethnic groups inhabit it to make Delhi a cosmopolitan. Though New Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities in world, the people below poverty line here constitutes more than 8% of total nation.
We partners with several NGOs and community organizations in Delhi that enables you to chose the grand capital of the largest democracy as your volunteering destination. You can work as Volunteer in urban Delhi as well as in out-skirts or anywhere in NCR you chose to.

Volunteering in Rajasthan
Since time immemorial, Rajasthan has remained indifferent by influence of time, its colorful culture still holds medieval charms that whispers tales of antiquity. As for social tourism and volunteering purposes, Rajasthan is preferred by most. You can work, learn, experience and explore the vivid hues of Rajasthani culture and help the rural.
Rajasthan has something for everyone, be it climate, wildlife, biodiversity, temples, traditions, languages, myths, camels, dunes, lakes, accompanied with simple and happy people despite their poverty. As a volunteer, you can help them in many aspects, including teaching them, working on natural resources or providing health-care. And doing this, you can also enjoy the rich experience that Rajasthan has to offer you.

Volunteering in Gujarat
Gujarat has been a location of major ports and encompasses major cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. With fastest growing economy in India, Gujarat has no less number of deprived people. You can work here with any of our partnering NGOs to bring about a lasting change. Gujarat also host many religious and historic sites, which can be visited while volunteering. Social touring is more fulfilling and rewarding here.

Volunteering in Mumbai
Mumbai is the most populous and diverse city of India, with half of its population in slums. Dharavi in Mumbai is India’s and Asia’s largest slum. Though it is the economic capital of India and it house head-quarters of major businesses and also the Bollywood (Film Industry), here poverty is spilled on roads. Here Volunteers can help and serve slum people and children by educating them and also by helping community organizations and NGOs. The surrounding area of Mumbai is tribal habitat, where you can render your volunteer services while staying in Mumbai suburbs Being commercial and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai has a lot to offer you.

Volunteering in Kerala
Kerala lies in South-West of India and rightly called as God’s Own Country. The people of Kerala hold a special stand among the people who have enriched and saved Indian cultural heritage by helping national integration. With assorted flora and fauna, Kerala houses the largest biodiversity in the country. It is a land of rich jungles, river and back waters. Kerala hosts one of the most advanced society in India, due to its highest literacy rate which is close to 95%. Here volunteers can work with rural children and youth with our programmes that allow you to take part in meaningful community work.

Volunteering in Himachal Pradesh
Himachal-Pradesh?The Land of Mountains in Northern India, was once called ‘Dev-Bhoomi’ that translates to ‘The Adobe of Gods’. This Himalayan state has one of the highest per capita income in the country as it has rich water resources to produce electricity, which it then sells to states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi. Himachal Pradesh has a substantial number of people living below poverty line. While enjoying the scenic beauty of this tourist destination, you can volunteer and put your efforts to help others. You can discover the people, perception, tastes, sights of India also helping to make it better.

If you are looking any specific place or area of your interest please inform us to arrange for you,